Established in 2006, the Nevada Brew Crew was formed to help support and grow Nevada's beer festival scene by organizing a volunteer staff to serve at local events.

As a member of the crew, you'll have the opportunity to help the brewers serve beer at the big events, meet new people, learn more about beer, and have fun!

For your participation, volunteers get complimentary event mugs so you can sample all the great beers, and you might also receive some event collectibles such as as custom glassware, hats and t-shirts.

Becoming a member of the "NBC" is quick and easy!
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All crew members need to have proper credentials to serve beer in Nevada. These vary by location but in general what's required is an Alcohol Awareness, Health or Sheriffs card. We'll provide you with the information needed to obtain your cards for the Las Vegas or Reno areas. Once you have these you can help serve great craft beer at local events!

NEED STAFF? If you're an event host or running a big festival, we have 2 levels of personnel motivated to help as volunteers. These are the Beer Servers on the taps, and the Event Staff providing all other duties in the field.

Rest assured that everyone in the "NBC" is a beer lover ready to help you keep things flowing smoothly!

For more information or to schedule crew please call the office at 702-614-9844 (10a-10p) or send an email to:


Want to keep up on the beer scene in Nevada? Visit
the Nevada Beer Lovers website! On the landing page you’ll find the list with links for all the "Big Events" that have over 500 attendees cheering every year.

You’ll also find links to the Las Vegas and Reno clubs which feature each region's "Smaller Events" that are listed on the Monthly Calendar. Join the club and get email invites for all the beer festivals, tapping parties, beer pairing dinners, and other great special events!


This provides the beer loving public the opportunity to
enjoy many more individually produced special events
in Nevada's quickly growing craft beer community!

Make plans to participate in 2016 from May 23rd — June 4th
with great beers, great places and great times during the
6th Annual Nevada Beer Weeks celebration!


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